University of Illinois Covid Cases

Updated at 17:59 on 01 October 2020

32 new UIUC cases on Sep 30

5 Champaign County residents currently hospitalized (not necessarily from campus)

2136 UIUC cases since classes started on August 24

2418 UIUC cases since students began returning on August 16

2511 UIUC cases since testing began on July 6

~6.4% of campus has tested positive since August 16 (assuming 38k members of campus getting tested weekly, as updated on 9/26 based on reporting by Ethan Simmons; see notes below).

Interpretation: The number of tests vary from day to day, with fewer tests on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Focus on the overall trends rather than the absolute numbers (see the rolling 7-day graph below for a smoothed version). Keep in mind that the models used to justify bringing students back in person predicted that the initial bump from students returning would quickly dwindle to a single-digit daily trickle within weeks.