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Nobody's Fool: Why We Get Taken In And What We Can Do About It

From phishing scams to Ponzi schemes, fraudulent science to fake art, chess cheaters to crypto hucksters, and marketers to magicians, our world brims with deception. Nobody’s Fool, co-authored with Christopher Chabris, shows us how to avoid being taken in. The book describes the key habits of thinking and reasoning that serve us well most of the time but make us vulnerable—like our tendency to accept what we see, stick to our commitments, and overvalue precision and consistency. Each chapter illustrates their new take on the science of deception, describing scams you’ve never heard of and shedding new light on some you have. It provides memorable maxims and practical tools you can use to spot deception before it’s too late.

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The Invisible Gorilla: How our Intuitions Deceive Us

Co-written with Christopher Chabris and first published in 2010 by Crown, The Invisible Gorilla is a New York Times bestseller and editor's choice that has been translated into more than 20 languages. The book examines the many ways in which our intuitions about the mind can mislead us. It combines anecdotes and stories from politics, medicine, law, business, and other domains with evidence from scientific studies of perception and cognition to reveal the many ways in which we think we understand how our own minds work, and the many ways in which we're wrong in our beliefs. It is available anywhere books are sold.

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Praise for The Invisible Gorilla:
Through a host of studies, anecdotes, and logic, the authors debunk conventional wisdom about the workings of the mind and what "experts" really know (or don't).
Publisher's Weekly (full review).
A fascinating look at little-known illusions that greatly affect our daily lives ... Their readable book offers surprising insights into just how clueless we are about how our minds work and how we experience the world.
Kirkus (full review).
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Change Blindess and Visual Memory

This edited volume was originally published in the journal, Visual Cognition, and was reprinted in book form in 2000. Daniel Simons served as guest editor for the special issue which was the first compilation of research in the then-new field of change blindness. The book reprints the approximately 30 articles included in the special issue, including a number of papers that are now considered seminal works in the field.

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