Support my research
If you would like to support the research that my laboratory does into the limits of visual awareness, you can do so in several ways.
Make a tax-deductable donation
You can make a tax-deductable donation to the University of Illinois in support of the types of research conducted in my laboratory. To do so, just go to The site allows you to make a donation through the psychology department. If you would like to support the type of research that I do or if you would like to support my laboratory in particular, just enter your donation in the section for "Designated Use" and make sure to describe (briefly) what you would like to support in the text box marked "Name of program or fund." You can mention my name specifically if you would like. Donations can be of any size, and all donations will go directly toward the support of research.
Propose a research contract
My colleagues and I occasionally contract with companies to do research that is of theoretical interest to us but also of practical relevance to the company. For example, we have contracted with video-game training companies to conduct research on the effectiveness of video game training in boosting congition, and we have contracted with General Motors to explore the effects of distraction and in-car devices on driving performance. Please note that my laboratory does not take on this sort of contracted research unless it has the potential to produce theoretical or empirical advances in our field. If you have an idea for this sort of contract, please email me directly.
Propose a collaboration
If you are a researcher and have an idea for a collaborative research project, please email me directly.