cover of Nobody's Fool
Essays and Excerpts
The Psychologist
"Suspect Primes" - this excerpt comes from Chapter 8 of Nobody's Fool and describes the appeal of and problems with scientific claims about subtle primes and their potent effects on our behavior.
Behavioral Scientist
The excerpt comes from Chapter 1 of Nobody's Fool and explains how the possibility grid can help us better evaluate what were missing to help being deceived by others (or by ourselves).
Literary Hub
The excerpt comes from Chapter 6 of Nobody's Fool and explains how familiarity, especially familiar names, can influence our decisions.
Next Big Idea Club - Book Bites
A set of short audio recordings in which Dan describes 5 key insights from Nobody's Fool. The link also includes summaries of each insight and a brief introduction from the Next Big Idea crew.
This excerpt comes from chapter 1 of Nobody's Fool and shows how we can come to the wrong conclusions when we consider only the immediately available information.
Wall Street Journal Cover Essay (8 July 2023)
Our cover essay for the Review Section of the Wall Street Journal was an adaptation from Nobody's Fool.